Anonymous: Hey, quick question, weren't u going to do some reviews of the Glee back nine eps and the rest of the first thirteen eps? :O

HOO boy.  Yeaaaaaaah.  :/   That was a thing I was going to do, long ago.  Is this a thing people are still interested in?  

I’ve been super busy for the last long-ish while, and it feels like I have a ton of writing projects unfinished.  Curiosity: of the projects I’ve left hanging, which would you guys like to see continued?

  • Buffy rewatch reviews
  • Glee S1 reviews
  • the last two Orphan Black S2 reviews
  • Another thing that I’ve forgotten about?

I really would like to be able to start writing again soon, but I wager it’ll be far less overwhelming if I can just focus on one.  So let me know which you’d like to read most and hopefully I can shuffle stuff around and make it happen?  

Anonymous: Can I ask a bit of a heavy question? Why do you think feminism sometimes gets a bad reputation?

Because feminism is women asserting their own worth in a society that actively does not want that.  And they certainly don’t want this fact pointed out, either.

gleerant: Do you have any commentary on the HIMYM finale? I've run into too many analyses and reviews that trash Robin and it all makes me grumble.

I don’t understand any analysis that trashes Robin?!?!  But I’m guessing that because Robin fell prey to the (crap) narrative, the viewers who don’t look at the machinations of said (crap) narrative aren’t going to be very sympathetic to Robin’s plight.  

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Hi, Dr. Bloggo! I noticed that you have Teen Wolf in your Shows list. I was wondering if you were up to date on the show and if you had any thoughts on the main character’s death in the last episode?
[teen wolf spoilers ahead — ]

[also references some buffy deaths jsyk]

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Anonymous: Hi Dr. She Bloggo! Just a weird, out-of-left-field question: Do you intend on viewing and reviewing Glee's 100th episode? Your words on the show really helped (less knowledgeable) people like me see Glee (and all other media, subsequently) through a critical and more observant lens, and I, personally, do miss hearing your words on it. Thanks!

Ahh, this is all very sweet of you to say!  I appreciate this very, very much.  To answer your question - I haven’t decided yet???  Can I procrastinate on this until 7:59 EST?  There’s a distinct part of me that wants to see all those faces together again, but there’s another distinct part of me that doesn’t want to have to deal with Glee’s nonsense anymore.  I fear it will only go like this —

me before glee:


me during glee:


me after glee: 


Anonymous asked you:

If I may ask, what are you thoughts-if any-on “13 Going On 30?” I was just watching it on FX and thought of your writing. It’s a tad cliche and follows some regular rom-com formulas, but I found some elements of depth/truth to it all the same.

Of course you may ask!  I actually do have some thoughts on 13 Going On 30 because I am nothing if not a rom-com connoisseuse.  You’re not wrong in that it’s a bit cliché and formulaic at times - it is pretty predictable, especially in that it has the aid of MAGIC to wrap up everything how it’s meant to.

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die-wilde-13: They canceled Bunheads :((



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  • my favorite character
  • my favorite character arc
  • my favorite scene 
  • my favorite episode
  • my favorite season
  • my favorite dynamic
  • my favorite pairing
  • my favorite acting performance
Anonymous: What would you say is the best tv show airing right now?

Hm!  I assume you mean still airing next season, as opposed to actually airing during the summer?  Because I actually don’t watch much summer TV, for whatever reason.  (This explains my uptick in productivity lately!)

I just realized, thanks to this question, that I don’t really have any favorite comedies right now?  Which seems strange.  But none of my usual top picks fired on all cylinders this past year, and I didn’t quite get into any of the freshmen comedies either.

So that leaves drama.  There is quite a bit of good drama airing these days.  For me, in terms of current incarnations and quality level, it’s probably between Mad Men, Luther, and Orphan Black.  All three are thought-provoking, thematically engaging, and feature realistically flawed characters in complicated circumstances.  All three do small emotional moments fantastically well, and the level of execution on all three - from screenwriting to performance to directing to cinematography to costuming and production design - is remarkably high.  They’re not necessarily popcorn shows or feel-good shows, but they’re really well done.  

I think I’d probably include Bunheads (technically a comedy?) or Parenthood in this group as well, especially in that they’re a bit more accessible yet still well-constructed and well-executed.  (You totally asked for five best TV shows, right?  Oops.)

julaytrindade: Would you consider writing about Orphan Black on your blog? :))

Would I?!?!?!?!

(Yes, I would.  I’m working on something now!  I’m pretty excited about it tbh.)

mylittledragonfireismagic-deact: When you say a strong character, do you mean a character that is developed strongly by the writer or a character strong in some other way?

I mean a well-written character, basically.  ”Strong female character” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in reference to women onscreen, and it’s often conflated with a woman possessing emotional, physical, or mental strength.  A woman can cry onscreen and be a “strong female character.”  She doesn’t need to be a physical badass or an mental pillar of strength or emotionally resilient to be a well-written character.  Instead, it’s important that she have her own POV, that she make choices, and that she serve her own narrative instead of another character’s.

(Referring to this post.)

Anonymous asked you: 

Do you really think The Avengers handled its female character(s) well?

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